My Amazing Parents!

I love my parents so much ! Even if they sometimes scolding me because I did a wrong thing. But I still love them. I know the reason why they are doing that , it’s because they love me too. They want the best for their children. So they want to show to their children the right things to do while their growing up. My parents are my first teacher since I was born. They are the one who taught me how to stand, to walk, to run, to talk and ect.  Now they’re teaching me the right things t0 do because they want me to have a good life when I grow up. They are the one who help me when I have problems. When I was little, they’re helping me with my assignments too. Sometimes when I’m down, they are the one who cheer me up. I have a lots of things I wanna tell about my parents. But it’s too long 😀 I love my parents so much !!!!!


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