My adorable dog!

Hi! My name is Karen 🙂 I have a dog that’s so adorable! 🙂 I named her after me 🙂 Her name is Denise 🙂 You know, when I got home from school, I always saw her waiting for me. Then when she saw me, she starts jumping in front of me with her tail wagging….  I have a story of her that’s so sad.  At June 6, 2010 pass 12:00 a.m, I heard a voice of a dog and a car that bumped something. I heard the dog was crying. I went outside and I didn’t saw any dog outside. Then I went to my grandma’s house and there I found Denise sitting on the stairs. Then I feel relieve when I saw her sitting there. When I was looking at her, I notice something. Then my aunt starts shouting, “Denise! Denise! Denise!”. Denise just faint into my aunt’s arms. Then I started panicking too! I’m asking my aunt, “what’s happening?!” Then she put Denise near the bathroom then my cousin get some water and she put it into Denise’s mouth. I start crying and I didn’t stop until morning because I  knew that she’s already dead. I just realized she’s the dog crying. And I realized too that it’s hard to lose a beloved dog. I’ll show you a picture of her.


6 thoughts on “My adorable dog!

  1. What a very cute blog!

    I’m so sorry you lost your dog. I also lost my dog when I was very young. She too was in an accident, so I know it is hard. You did such a good thing to write about her. She will always be in your heart and memories. Remember the good times you had with her and that will help.

    Keep on writing!

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